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  Welcome to the World of Baton Twirling  


The Canadian National Baton Twirling Association is a member of the World Federation of National Baton Twirling Associations (WFNBTA). Our organization is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Led by the Executive, these volunteers help promote the sport of baton twirling in Canada

and offer many twirling events, along with development seminars for our athletes, coaches

and judges.

The CNBTA prides itself on putting our athletes first and is committed to providing a fun and positive atmosphere for all twirlers to participate in competition, meet new friends, reach goals and achieve new twirling heights.

Baton has evolved from something primarily seen in parades and football fields into a sport that encompasses the stamina of a long-distance runner, the hand-eye co-ordination of a baseball player, the grace of a ballet dancer, the flexibility of a gymnast and the determination and dedication to be successful in any sport!

It’s a great activity to boost physical fitness and encourage positive self-image.



To inspire all Canadians to embrace the sport of baton twirling in the CNBTA


As a leader in the world of baton twirling, our mission is to promote, provide, administer, guide, educate and develop Baton Twirling to all Canadians


To provide an avenue for all members to include baton twirlers, coaches, judges, choreographers, competition directors and club directors to inspire, train, perform and qualify for:

Miss Majorette of Ontario, Miss Majorette of Nova Scotia, Miss Majorette of Canada

Regional CNBTA Championships, WFNBTA World Championships, and IBTF events.

OUR CORE VALUES - CNBTA is athlete focused.

We believe and embrace the core values of:

Participation and Accessibility
Physical Activity
Health and Happiness
Integrity and Respect
Life Skills
Teamwork and Collaboration
Pursuing Learning
Innovation and Creativity
Sense of Community
Having fun at every level

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