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The CNBTA Board of Directors want to express our thanks to you for attending the 2018 CNBTA Annual General Meeting and we look forward to meeting and working with all of you unable to attend.  We hope that you found it informative and worthwhile.  Our primary goal was to increase your understanding of the how's, what's, who's and more about CNBTA.  This volunteer based association is dedicated to ensuring that we are athlete focused providing healthy, caring, inclusive, learning and respectful events for our membership.  Another goal is to provide value added events that are affordable for members while maintaining financial strength and still hosting a wonderful event!  We are thriving and achieving our goals!


Remember -- with challenges come opportunities.  


The strength and resilience of this Board of Directors during this past year has been remarkable but it was because we worked together as a great team!


Congratulations to our 2023/24 CNBTA Board of Directors:


President -- Satyne Ward                   

Vice-President -- Jaime Kern             

Treasurer -- Vacant                             

Secretary -- Melissa Bosomworth       

Technical Director - Jennifer Titterton 

Judges Rep -- Brenda Baltkois          

Coaches Rep -- Danielle Titterton      

Membership-- Kevan Latrace            

Athlete's Rep -- Nickolas Basque -    



We wish you the best in the up-coming baton season!  If we can be of help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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