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CNBTA Bylaws

IBTF Information Session
October 2022


*Coaches and athletes please ensure you read and understand all qualifying requirements to participate in the CNBTA Trial selections for Liverpool as well as the competitive requirements to compete in the 2023 CNBTA Canadian Championships this July.  The COVID "freeze" on participation is now over.  Should you live in a Province or area that does not offer any "qualifying" competition please reach out to the CNBTA for more information and assistance

CNBTA is now moving to the 2000's. 


We will now be able to accept E-transfers for payments of entry fees as well as memberships. Payments will need to be made separately for these payments as they go into different bank accounts.  
Memberships - general account

Entries - competition account

World Contingent payments - world account


No transfers will be accepted to any other CNBTA email accounts. 


New email address:

If a password is needed please use the word -  cnbta2024

The individual or club will need to include in the comments of their transfer what the payment is for and the participant - ie: 'Regional entries - athlete's name'. 

of everyone the payment is applicable to. 

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