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Hello Members...

Welcome to the CNBTA- Canadian National Baton Twirling Association.  We are a national baton twirling group that is affiliated with WFNBTA & IBTF.

Come learn about the amazing world of baton twirling.  A little bit of dance, a little bit of acrobatics, a whole lot of tossing Silver metal sticks in the air and some of the most talented and creative beings are in our atmosphere

The CNBTA is made up of a group of passionate, dedicated volunteers who simply love the art of baton twirling!  Our Volunteer Board of Directors helps to provide twirling events, qualifiers to international events, training for coaches & judges, as well as offer a ton of twirling fun for our athletes.

Are you new to the world of twirling--welcome.  Were you once a twirler--welcome back.  Are you looking for something FUN and unique which blends so many amazing activities under 1--then baton is your thing.  Check out our affiliated clubs for a program near you....Can't find a club contact us we are in the process of developing an outreach program and twirling camps anywhere and everywhere.  COVID has our athletes show us how twirling can bring so many together, and how we can reach so many.



Twirling Provides Friendships


Twirling is for ALL Ages


Twirling provides performance opportunities


Twirling provides grace & power


Twirling lets you see the World


twirling is MORE than just twirling

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